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Are you an unsponsored skater? 

Are you also 13 years or older and a resident of Australia?

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Whether you're located in Sydney, South Fremantle, or anywhere in between, you could win this contest and have $350 worth of hand-picked product delivered direct to you door.

Have you got what it takes to be Skater of the Month? 

SOTM December 2016 contest opens on December 1 at 8pm and closes on December 29 at 8pm. Winner announced on December 31.



Previous Winners

(Note: previous winners must wait three consecutive months before they can enter the contest again).

SOTM December 2016: Marius Candiago

SOTM December 2016 - Marius Candiago

A video posted by ? (@mariuscandiago) on


SOTM November 2016: Dylan McKinley

A video posted by DylanMcKinely (@dylan__mckinley) on


SOTM October 2016: Lachie Pruessner

Lachie Pruessner SOTM October 2016


SOTM September 2016: Jayden Shapero

#DECKEDOUTSOTM September 2016 Jayden Shapero


SOTM August 2016: Samer Saqqaf

Samer Saqqaf Decked Out SOTM August 2016

A video posted by Samer S (@sam_er.s) on


SOTM July 2016: Jeremy Curra


A video posted by Yea (@jeremy_curra_) on


SOTM June 2016: Bailey Marshall 


SOTM May 2016: Femi Amo-Appiah

Congratulations to Femi for taking out #DECKEDOUTSOTM for May 2016!

A video posted by Decked Out Skateboards (@deckedoutskateshop) on