We don't just chuck in FREE black grip ... we do the dirty work!

Do you hate gripping your deck? The truth is it takes lots of practice to do a decent grip job. In fact, it can take dozens of decks to get to the stage where you're even half good at it ... which is more than most skaters go through in a lifetime. 

The good news is we've gripped thousands of decks. And we're pretty damn good at it. That's why when you buy a deck from us, we don't just give you free black grip and let you struggle. Every board that goes out the door is gripped at no extra cost (unless you really do want to do it yourself - just let us know). Makes sense hey?


FREE setups too!

When you buy a custom skateboard (i.e. deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, bolts), we think you should receive it assembled and ready to roll. But here's the thing ... many shops just give you a box of parts! Why? Because an assembled board costs more to ship (so they're being tight). And others either don't have the skill or couldn't be bothered to assemble it for you.

When you buy a custom skateboard from us, you're getting a pro set-up at no extra cost. And that's just the way it should be.

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