Decked Out Skateboards: This is how we roll ...

Have you noticed how nearly every skateboard shop these days claims to be the "biggest" and the "best"? Let's face it ... self praise if NO recommendation. That's why we prefer to let our loyal customers and solid track-record do the talking. But if you're wondering what sets us apart from the pack ... read on!


5 reasons why Decked Out is different


1. 100% skateboarding ... 19 years strong!

We're not a Johnny-come-lately store trying to cash in on the latest skateboarding "craze". We've ridden the highs AND lows of the skateboarding scene ... in a bricks-and-mortar store ... since 1997. Plus, we don't sell rollerblades, roller skates, scooters, snowboards, surfboards or toys. We're a core skateboarding store. And we know our stuff ... which means you get expert advice AND pro set-ups at no extra cost. 


2. We respect how you roll

It doesn't matter if you ride street, vert, longboards or cruisers. Or whether you're a beginner, hard-core pro, or an old dude looking to get back on the board ... we'll never make you feel like an outsider. Ever.


3. More bang for your buck

Not all skateboards are created equal. Same goes for wheels, trucks, bearings and bolts. The good news is ... we only stock top quality gear that gives you REAL value for money. If you're after cheap and nasty, you're in the wrong place.


4. We play by our own rules

We're not a puppet of some faceless corporate giant. We're independent ... one of the little guys. But that doesn't mean we're easily pushed around. Brands have to earn their spot in our store. And if they don't play fair ... they're out the door. We're not scared to take on the big guys. Back in the day, our range of custom-designed decks and hardware shook up the skate industry in Australia ... paving the way for local brands and forcing the major labels to lift their act. 


5. It's a family thing

With three generations of the same family now working in store and behind the scenes, our skateboarding roots go back over 30 years.  


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