This Week in Skateboarding: 25 May 2015


1. Plan B Welcomes Chris Cole

Did you hear that former Zero rider Chris Cole is now on Plan B? We didn't see that coming. After leaving Zero and releasing his own signature decks last year, it looked like Cole was going to start his own company. But running your own board company is a tough gig. And last week, Plan B announced that Cole had joined the team. So why did Cole choose Plan B? Find out in this interview with the man himself. And while you're there, don't forget to check out his welcome clip and new "Riot" deck.


2. Hawk: Father & Son Skate Session

Watch Tony Hawk and son Riley enjoying some family skate time. 


3. Five-Story Skate Park

Some architects in the UK have come up with a concept plan to build a 5-story skate park. Sounds good in theory. But the concept plan looks a bit cheese. Back to the drawing board boys!


4. Furby Starts his Own Brand

Pro skater Ramiro "Furby" Salcedo is sick of small royalty checks.  So the disgruntled former DEATHWISH rider is starting his own brand: "Yezzur Skateboards"


5. Skitching Teen has Compo Cut

Imagine if your mate's dad let you skitch behind his car, but then you fell and cracked open your skull. Well, that actually happened in Wollongong. And the dude with the cracked melon successfully sued his mate's dad for $2.2 million. But last week, the court reduced the payout to $1.86 million. Probably safe to say these blokes aren't mates anymore.


6. Rodney Mullen's House For Sale

Want to live like Mullen? Well now you can buy his house. With a listing price of $1.449 million, it's pretty good value compared to Sydney prices. The mid-century modern style home sits on 2 acres of land with some pretty sweet views. If you're a fan of The Mutt (or a bit of a voyeur), check out these pics to see how skateboarding royalty lives.


7. Spitfire Video from 1993

Last week, Deluxe fired up the old JVC VCR and uploaded the original Spitfire Video from 1993. Featuring more baggy jeans than you can poke a stick at! Plus, there's footage of John Cardiel, Ed Templeton and many more legends from back in the day. Definitely worth a watch if you're pushing 40.


8. Santa Cruz: Down Under Statement

Check out what the Santa Cruz team got up to on their recent tour of Australia.


9. Skateboard Training Wheels

These things might actually be useful. But it seems a bit like cheating. Like when you used to strap your board to your feet using bike-tyre inner tubes.


10.  History of the Backside Air

Watch Jeff Grosso and a bunch of old dudes sitting around telling stories about the origin of the backside air


11. What Does a Skateboard Press Look Like?

This video of glue oozing out of a skateboard press is strangely satisfying. Nearly 8,000 people can't be wrong.


12. Join the Darkslide

In the last issue, we featured a video on how to darkslide. And since then, it seems like everyone's getting in on the action. In fact, two of the best skateboarding clips on Instagram this week featured the darksliding skills of Jerry Hsu and Brad Cromer. Check 'em out.



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Image Credit: Plan B Skateboards

November 18, 2016 by Big Dog
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