This Week in Skateboarding: 11 May 2015


Why Skateboarding, Creativity and the DIY Ethos are Thriving in Detroit

One of the things that sets skateboarding apart from other pursuits is its creative, do-it-yourself ethos. As kids growing up in the 80's, we built ramps from material salvaged in council clean-ups and backyards. There was no cheap timber from Bunnings ... the local hardware store was as dear as poison. So we made the most of what we could find. It wasn't pretty, but we still built some rad stuff to skate.

It's that creative, DIY spirit that's spawned many a skateboarding brand. And it turns out that skateboarding, creativity and the DIY ethos are alive and well in Detroit, which was hammered in the aftermath of the global financial crisis.

Given the rise of Detroit's skateboarding scene, it's fitting that the city now hosts one of the more innovative contests in the world. Last week, the Red Bull 'Hart Lines' street skating contest was held in Detroit's Hart Plaza. It's the brainchild of pro skater Ryan Sheckler and features an novel two-lane format. The contest was taken out by 19-year old FLIP rider Curren Caples. You can watch his best run here and find out who scored second place.


Straight-Edge Skaters

It's no secret that some pro skaters like to party pretty hard. But for others, it's not all beer and skittles. Find out which pro's have always been on the straight-and-narrow.


ELEMENT Rumble Down Under Tour Vid

Whether you missed the ELEMENT crew while they were in Australia recently ... or if you just can't get enough of Westgate and Nyjah, watch this footage from the demo at Nerang Skate Park on the Gold Coast. And speaking of Brandon Westgate, his new ELEMENT decks are available now.


The Truth about Skateboard Bearings

If you still need convincing that ABEC ratings don't mean much when it comes to skating, read this article featuring the team manager at Bones Bearings.


Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5

If you've wasted way too much of your life playing THPS, you'll probably be psyched for the latest instalment. Find out more here and here.


Daewon's Insta Magic

This clip of Daewon Song playing hide-and-seek with a pallet proves he really is a magician.


Embarrassing Mum Skate Vid

Yesterday was mother's day. And we all know that mum's can be embarrassing at times and always on your back. But the older you get ... the more you realise that your mum is one of the only people that's got your back!


How to Darkslide

Created by Rodney Mullen, the darkslide is a classic trick that every skater should learn. Watch Carlos Lastra break down the darkslide in this step-by-step guide.



Check out these fresh new decks from one of our favourite local brands.




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Photo credit: Chris Adams via Flickr Creative Commons


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