This Week in Skateboarding: 27 April 2015


1. Ultimate Guide to NYC Skate Spots

Planning a trip to New York City any time soon? Maybe you should. It's one of the best places to skate in the world. This guide to unauthorised skate spots in NYC lists some of the best stairs, squares, rails, and ledges on offer in the big apple. There's also a link to a directory of 40-odd skateparks in the area.  And while we're on the topic of city skating, find out why some of the more progressive cities around the world are finally embracing skater-friendly design.


2. Brandon Westgate Joins ELEMENT

The Element team were in Australia last week for the first time in 11 years. They also dropped a new edit officially welcoming Brandon Westgate to the team. If you're not familiar with the former 5Boro and Zoo York rider, Transworld has rehashed an interview from back in 2012


3. Who's the New FLIP Pro?

Don't you love it when skate companies surprise new team riders with a signature deck and film the whole thing? (maybe it's just me). This week, FLIP Skateboards welcomed a new pro to their lineup and caught all the action on camera. Find out who it is here...


4. Podcast: Marc Johnson Interview

Got a spare 3 hours? Why not head over to The Shetler Show and listen to this deep and meaningful interview with Marc Johnson.


5. Make Your Own Skateboard Chandalier

Are you a bandit for a bit of DIY? Why not make some stuff with your old decks? Check out this article for some inspiration.


6. Kickstarter Project: Suspension Trucks

Check out this Kickstarter project that's developed suspension trucks. Yes, it sounds pretty dodgy. But watch the video. These trucks might not actually suck.


7. Gram Slam: Biebel + TPuds

These clips featuring Brandon Biebel in China and Tory Pudwill going mental were big hits on Insta.


8. Skateboarding Toddler from 'Straya

This week's skateboarding wonder child is two years old and literally still in nappies. (The vid is at the bottom of the page).


9. $50 Skate Shoes: In-Store Only

Toes hanging out of your shoes? Strapped for cash after Easter (and ANZAC day two-up)? The good news is we've got selected shoes on sale for only $50. But this deal is in-store only ... and you'll have to be quick to beat the bargain hunters and local hobo's who are all over it.


That's it for this week.

Until next time, get out there and skate something.

Keep rolling!

~Big Dog


November 18, 2016 by Big Dog
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