This Week in Skateboarding: 13 April 2015


1. Aaron "Jaws" Homoki: The Secret of my Success

What's the one thing every kid should own to improve their skating? Find out in this 7-minute minute video on Aaron "Jaws" Homoki over at The Berrics. You'll also learn where Homoki gets his daredevil instincts and why doing what you love, along with a supportive family, is pretty sweet (his old man is a legend). And if you're wondering how he got the nickname "Jaws", it's his resemblance to the villain in the James Bond movies (the dude with the teeth).


2. Old S#*t is Better: Jason Lee

If you're a fan of My Name is Earl, Mall Rats and obscure movies from the 90s, you probably know actor Jason Lee. But did you also know that he was a pro skater back in the day? Not only that, he still owns a Skateboard company (Stereo Skateboards) and is a massive photography nerd. In this 6-minute vid with Chris Pastras, J.Lee talks photography, skating ... and like every cranky 40-something-year-old dude, gives his take on why old shit is better. 


3. ENJOI Team Hits QLD (and snubs rest of country)

Last month the ENJOI team hit Queensland for some demo's and signings for their Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, enjoi, enjoi, enjoi tour. While the rest of Australia missed out, some footage turned up this week of the boys skating a mini ramp in some suburb of Brisbane. Let's hope the enjoi team give the rest of the country some love next time round. 


4. ELEMENT 2015 Australian Tour

The Element crew kick off their 2015 Australian tour this week. If you live in Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Port Macquarie or Sydney, you'll be able to see Nyjah Houston, Nick Garcia, Evan Smith and Greyson Fletcher live in the flesh. Plus, they're announcing a new Element team rider. More details here


5. Is this 11-year Old Japanese Kid the Next Rodney Mullen?

The internet was blowing up this week with footage of 11-year old Isamu Yamamoto after he won the Japan Freestyle Skateboard Contest. Whether or not he's the next Mullen remains to be seen ... but one thing's for sure, the kid has massive talent. Check out his chops here and here.


6. Sustainable Skateboards

Find out how these guys are turning trash into "thrash" with the bucket board.


7. Downhill Skater Slams into On-Coming Car

If you're into downhill skating ... or you just like seeing downhill skaters get smashed, check out this footage.  


8. Double Fail: Skater vs. Telegraph Pole

This is probably the funniest gif you'll see all week.



Speaking of Aaron "Jaws" Homoki ... his new signature shoe from DEKLINE is available now in Pewter and Indigo. Plus, the new LAKAI "GUYMAR" has arrived in pine and black colour-ways.  If you're looking for proper skate shoes from proper skate companies, give these bad boys a go.


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